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Need to control your computer remotely?

LogMeIn recently discontinued their free product, but Team Viewer is still free and, as it turns out, is a superior product for remote control.  The install procedure seems a lot more complicated than it is.  Start at and download the program.  When you set it up, can choose unattended access.  You will have the option of creating an account, which makes connecting to one of several of your computers much easier.  If you choose not to create an account, you’ll need to remember an access code and a password.


Despite what you may have heard, Macs can get infected with malware and viruses, too! Removal of viruses and malware from a Mac may be even more difficult (and expensive) than removal from a PC.

We recommend that you install ClamXAV on your OSX Mac. It’s free and has no noticable effect on performance.

Download it here or use the app store:


If your computer suddenly “tells you” that you have multiple viruses or some other problem, do NOT believe it!  Chances are pretty good you got some kind of “lie-ware” that is going to try to trick you into giving bad guys money when there’s really nothing wrong with your computer.  If you get some kind of notification like that, don’t click on ANYTHING – not even the X to close the window.  Just turn the computer off and back on again.  Hopefully it is just a temporary infection.

If it comes back, call me at 616-481-5365


Last week I mentioned that notifications from your computer that something is wrong with it should always be treated with suspicion.

The LATEST (and in my opinion, most evil) scams along these lines are taking place over the phone! People are getting phone calls from agents saying they are from “Microsoft” (or using terminology that makes you believe they are) claiming that they are detecting several problems, including viruses which may be giving away credit card information. The “agent” then offers to clean your computer up for $300.00. When you say that is too much, they’ll drop the price to $150 or $100 “because of the severity of the problem”.

If you get one of these calls, simply hang up.

If you’ve already been taken, contact your credit card company and dipute the charges.

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