Our services include: 

  • Computer and laptop repair
  • Network design, implementation and maintenance
  • Authorized Dell dealer
  • Web and email hosting services
  • Phone and security system implementation and maintenance
  • Support for anything that has wires.

Rates and terms.
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While every effort is always made to respond to requests for service in a timely manner, at times our schedule does not allow for the attention that you feel your particular situation deserves.  Often while working on a project, cell phones are turned off or left behind in the vehicle, making contact virtually impossible even in the most urgent of cases.  For those situations, we have implemented a fee-based cell-phone contact method.  It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The urgent calling fee is in addition to normal charges, which can be found at the above “rates” link.

If your situation is not urgent, or you do not want to incur the additional charge, please leave a voice mail at 616-481-5365.  We will respond as soon as possible.

  • M-F 9:00AM – 5:00 PM  $25.00
  • M-F 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM $50.00
  • M-F 9:00 PM – 9:00 AM $100.00

All rates including urgent calling surcharge and service rates are doubled on weekends beginning at 5:00 PM Friday afternoon and ending 9:00 AM Monday morning and on generally recognized Holidays.

If your call goes to voicemail, a five-minute response time is guaranteed or $1.00 per minute is subtracted after five minutes down to $0.00.

Any of these charges may be waived or adjusted at the discretion of PC Specialist.

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