PC Specialist Grand Rapids

Rate schedule for Urgent Calls

(616) 648-2800


While every effort is always made to respond to requests for service in a timely manner, at times our schedule does not allow for the attention that you feel your particular situation deserves. Often while working on a project, cell phones are turned off or left behind in the vehicle, making contact virtually impossible even in the most urgent of cases. For those situations, we have implemented a fee-based cell-phone contact method. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The urgent calling fee is in addition to normal charges, which can be found at www.pc-specialist.com/rates.pdf.


If your situation is not urgent, or you do not want to incur the additional charge, please leave a voice mail at 616-481-5365. We will respond as soon as possible.



M-F 9:00AM 5:00 PM $25.00


M-F 5:00 PM 9:00 PM $50.00


M-F 9:00 PM 9:00 AM $100.00


All rates including urgent calling surcharge and service rates are doubled on weekends beginning at 5:00 PM Friday afternoon and ending 9:00 AM Monday morning and on generally recognized Holidays.


If your call goes to voicemail, a five-minute response time is guaranteed or $1.00 per minute is subtracted after five minutes down to $0.00.


Any of these charges may be waived or adjusted at the discretion of PC Specialist.


Revised 04-20-2007